Chanakya Speaks (2012)

Director : Vasudevan Srinivisan
Genre : History
Cast : Raamdeo Agrawal as Himself, Subroto Bagchi as Himself, Vinita Bali as Herself, Mohan Kapoor as Boss, Santrupt Misra as Himself, Narayana Murthy as Himself, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai as Himself, Kartick Sitaraman as Manu – Office Assistant, D. Sivanandhan as Himself, Divyang Thakkar as Young Business Executive
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : India
Language : English
The chronicle revolves near to the hunt of a small responsibility executive striving to rediscover Chanakya`s Teachings…
The fairy-tale revolves almost about the search of a juvenile responsibility executive striving to rediscover Chanakya`s Teachings. Mentored by his puzzling "boss", he discovers Chanakya`s Seven Pillars Construct (Model) with categories upon a gap to make a request the learnings, given that the outburst of his firm with betterment of his own life. In this striking cruise he orders opening to converge personally also different of India`s more unbeaten leaders inside responsibility with otherwise: Mr. Narayana Murthy; Dr. Santrupt Misra; Vinita Bali; Subroto Bagchi; Raamdeo Agrawal; D. Sivanandhan. He realises, that Chanakyas teachings are moreover really significant with related inside the power responsibility situation both inside letter with spirit, getting somebody out of a tight spot him to pool an added tack given that himself with given that his company.

Chanakya Speaks (2012)
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