Zwanzig Minuten mit einem Engel (2001)

Director : Radik Golovkov
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : Hermann Book as Dienstreisender 1, Radik Golovkov as Der Unbekannte, Wolfram Grüsser as Der Geiger, Michael Rakovskij as Der Ehemann, Marina Schmidt as Die Ehefrau, Benedikt Vermeer as Dienstreisender 2, Galina Zaborskaja as Die Putzfrau
Run Time : Germany:50 min
Country : Germany
Language : German
Two travelling publicists inside a hotel room. A brand new sunlight hours begins with the frame of mind is as well jovial – even though they are out of both alcohol with money…
Two travelling publicists inside a hotel room. A spanking new daytime begins plus the disposition is also in satisfactory spirits – even though they are out of both alcohol plus money. Fond rememberings of the closing few life seem to take for since this. Up to an exact show these folks seem to troth within sight acquaintances, plus to love each other. The celebration, they concur, must carry on plus the event must go away on. Do they in actuality hunger capital riches or could they trot out without it? The likelihood of making investments gives the look to each other absolutely slight, plus this headings the competition of longing since it everything the further exciting; however where should they onset to look? that is the question. Ccommon wisdom tells each other that their position is hopeless, plus to demonstrate this to themselves, they devise a test. One of each other opens a windowpane plus demands out a bulk of capital riches that he considers the minimum required. "look at the people. they effortlessly laugh." however at that time they listen to a slam at their door. "you hunger money? here, seize this," a stranger says. Anything that therefore blatantly contradicts logic must troth investigated plus that is closely whatsoever our travellers commit to do.

Zwanzig Minuten mit einem Engel (2001)
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