The Storm (2001)

Director : Khaled Youssef
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : Youssra as Hoda, Hanan Turk as Hayat Hani Salama, Hesham Selim
Run Time : 100 min
Country : Egypt | France
Language : Arabic
This drama like Egyptian filmmaker Khaled Youssef contributes Western spectators a puzzling point of view on the Gulf War…
This drama delight in Egyptian filmmaker Khaled Youssef throws up Western addressees a freakish viewpoint on the Gulf War, because a department is frayed apart by conflicting inner most along with opinionated allegiances. Hoda (Yousra) is a schoolteacher who became a extra mamma subsequent to her husband, a victim of post-traumatic difficulty disorder, vanished his class behind. Ten time later, Hoda has raised her two sons, Aly (Mohamed Nagati) along with Nagy (Hani Salama), to juvenile adulthood, along with has weakened to remarry, notwithstanding the presence of her supportive boyfriend Mahmoud (Hisham Selim). Nagy has fallen inside warmth as well as Hayat (Hanan Turk), a student along with opinionated activist delight in a filthy rich family, then again her parents don`t crave her to marry a dirty woman without a future of his own. As Nagy attempts to except plenty wealth to persuade Hayat`s class he`s a top-notch husband, Aly decides to give assistance to by accomplishing a trade to brand numerous wealth since the family; however, task is rigid to follow by inside Egypt, consequently he moves to Iraq to acquire a situation there. Once Aly has paid into his spanking new continuation inside Iraq, the fight inside the Gulf breaks out, along with the two brothers determine to their fright that they`re wrestling inside opposing armies — Aly comes conjugal to maintain allegiance to Egypt along with congregate their forces, jiffy Nagy, less than the touch upon of Hayat, has thrown his healing in the rear of Iraq. La Tempete, aka Al Assifa came across its American premiere at the 2001 San Francisco Film Festival
The anecdote of an Egyptian rank inside the lead-up to the Gulf War. Hoda has been required to mention two sons on my own following her wife without a pal inside the world the rank sad fancy post-traumatic stress. The more established son, Aly, travels to Iraq seeking toil to grant his younger buddy Nagy in addition to a dowry. At the looming of the war, these two brothers estimate each other on other sides of the conflict.

The Storm (2001)
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