Szortirozott levelek (2000)

Director : Ágnes Kocsis
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : József Tóth as Lajos, Kati Lázár as Gizike, Virág Szemerédy as Klárika, Attila Miksi, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Béla Stubnya, Gergely Bánki, Sándor Terhes, Erika Horineczky, Judit Rezes Éva Enyedi, Gábor Merza, Béla Pintér, Zoltán Zugman
Run Time : 33 min
Country : Hungary
Language : Hungarian
Lajos Mezei is a middle-aged, insignificant, common man. He operates at the employment place of work filtering letters in addition to a machine…
Lajos Mezei is a middle-aged, insignificant, typical man. He move at the occupation administrative center sifting letters in addition to a machine. His survival is however a course dull each day events, however he has a feeling that sets him varied take amusing in his dandy humans. This feeling replaces everything chap amorous affairs furthermore happenings inside his life. He flees into a universe of his own, hermetically sealed, which major he may work out furthermore where he hence feels safe. One day, however, his well-balanced survival is rotated upside down.

Szortirozott levelek (2000)
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