Razor (2011/II)

Director : James P. Lay
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : Sid Haig as Sam, Richard Moll, Ernie Lively as Ernie, William Dear as Bill, Sarah Buehler as Lori, Tanya Dempsey as Violet, Sandra Ramírez as Margarita, Patricia Forte as Aunt Rose, Darcy Halsey as Michelle, John Fremont as Jake, Bill Zasadil as Bobbie, James P. Lay as Puritan Band Photo Member right, Oliver Dear as Bubbi, Paul Howard as Tom, Liz Iacuzzi as Tina, Jeremy Gilbreath as Seth, Brian Gramo as Driver, Thomy Kessler as Scarett, Amber Dolle as Skylar, Caprice Swiercinsky as Biker Babe, Erica Saylors as Puritan, Joshua Lee Rooks as Ronnie, John Phelps as Puritan Band Photo Member Center, Mark DeWhitt as Bob, Martin McLemore as Q, Emilio Cueto as Carlos, Victoria Renee as Puritan, Larry Purtell as Biker at Pool Table
Plot : A immature couple, Jake also Violet, are gaining a route stumble ready the wasteland to go for holiday at their family. Jake…
Run Time : (min.) 90
Company : Blue Voo Doo Technologies