Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities (2004)

Director : M.F. Hussain
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : Tabu as Meenaxi, Raghuvir Yadav as Nawab, Nadira Babbar as Khala / Masi, Kunal Kapoor as Kameshwar Mathur, Sadiya Turabi as Naghma, Zafar Ansari as Publisher, Zainab Ravdjee as Naghma`s friend, Pawan Sughand as Qawwali main singer, Madhu Gopinath as Kalaripallu performer, Vakkom Sajeev as Kalaripallu performer, Bunty Sharma as Boy with kite, Chetan Motiwalla as Man on motorcycle, Raisa Husain as `Rang` exotic dancer, Sharmishta Roy as `Rang` exotic dancer, Ghanteshwar T. Guru as Man at Jaisalmer station / Photographer, Sharat Saxena as Maharawal, Bharat Kapoor as Masa, Sagar Ishan Arya as Karanveer, Prem Singh Thakur as Kanji / Mali, Radhika Relia as Maya, Sandhya Shetty as Meenakshi`s friend Kutti, Remo as Kunal`s friend, Rashaana Shah as Andhra song dancer (as Rachna Shah), Mamta Jhaveri as Young dancer (“Dhuan”)
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Country : India
Language : Hindi | Urdu
Delving into the limitless planet of useful endeavors, along with vicissitudes inside the characteristic of such endeavors, this chronicle of an actor along with his muse, equivalent to a painting, foliage itself open to interpretations along with readings by every viewer…
A accepted Nawab, who is an creator in addition to a poet inside Hyderabad, India, is made an appearance by a nice-looking youthful woman, plus a big Hyderabadi accent observed Meenaxi, to text a account on her, which the Nawab concurs to do so. When the Nawab`s antique automobile breaks down, he removes it to a motor mechanic, along with therefore a account is devised inside the Nawab`s mind. The account removes locality inside Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where his guide actress is the maternal niece of the local Raja Bijendra Singh, along with the motor mechanic is Kameshwar Mathur, the exclusively child of a multi-millionaire. Kameshwar along with Meenaxi join up along with are without delay involved to each other. The accommodate scenario the Nawab creates removes locality inside Prague, the Czech republic, where Meenaxi is portrayed since a youthful person of mature age in existence inside a Nunnery by the refer of Maria Gulcova, who has been arrogated to do assorted poll on India along with it`s culture. In calls to do this, she meets plus a youthful grown grown woman enjoys India, Kameshwar, along with both are involved to each other. The Nawab removes both these scenarios into consideration, along with repeatedly gets thus demanded that it is tasking given that him to distinguish fiction enjoys reality. Watch how the Nawab along with Meenaxi upset this matter, along with how an breaking apart is compilation given that this story.
Nawab, a well-known Hyderabadi novelist, is sad enjoys a classic case of writer`s block. Five life undergo passed, plus stories of bits and pieces seem to undergo dried up. Then, virtually providentially, Nawab comes across a immature grown-up known Meenaxi. She`s enigmatic plus individualistic – plus approximately enthusiastic to operate the allotment of a silent muse. But that doesn`t deter a wakened Nawab enjoys crumpling her various personae – she may well engagement the strange scent trader of Hyderabad, the exotic barren region bloom of Jaisalmer, the orphaned Maria of Prague. Inexorably, she consolidates her control way over the novelist. She dismisses his renewed aims at inscribing for insubstantial plus hackneyed, plunging him into a position of deeper despair. She is scathingly top-notch almost about his anecdote plus is amused by one amongst his characters, the lovelorn plus upsetting Kaameshwar. Finally, for Nawab aims on another page everywhere again, Meenaxi comments that maybe the essay is inside vain. In any case, it is a lot of excessively late. The person who wrote it must live on plus live, if he can, without her support, muse plus criticism.

Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities (2004)
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