Cowboy Song (2011)

Director : Marie Regan
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : Michael Regan as Himself, William Valentine Regan as Himself Directed by Marie Regan Marie Regan as. producer Marie Regan Other crew Alexander Klosterkemper as. outreach director William Santagata as. production staff Runtime:USA:56 min Country : USA Language : English Color : Color Aspect Ratio:1.78 : 1 Certification:USA:Not Rated Filming Locations:California, USA
Run Time : USA:56 min
Filming Locations : California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
“Cowboy Song” is a inner most documentary just about the filmmaker`s profoundly brain-damaged Uncle Mike who cannot converse nonetheless is enticed to cowboy music…
"Cowboy Song" is a inner most documentary on the topic of the filmmaker`s profoundly brain-damaged Uncle Mike who cannot commune save for is gripped to cowboy music, as anyways as her father who removes far more than his brother`s bother inside focal point age. The picture is a infantile further unsentimental account on the topic of perseverance between two brothers inside the current West, peeling off end conscious at the a lot of situations of the "ideal" American family. It is eventually on the topic of love, the good taste of protection inside any relationship, save for certainly inside a division impacted by disability.