Barabe! (2001)

Director : Miran Zupanic
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : Marko Mandic as Kovac, Katarina Stegnar as Dara Milos Battelino as Hisnik, Ljerka Belak as Elvira, Primoz Bezjak as Bik, Silvester Bozic as Emil, David Ceh as Nosan, Bojan Emersic as Zelenjavnar, Marjan Hlastec, Justin Jauk as Reporter, Aljosa Koltak as Bambi, Tone Kuntner as Martin, Janko Mandic as Young Kovac, Franc Markovcic, Vlado Novák as Balerina, Mateja Pucko as Kobra, Tarek Rashid as Povezovalec, Jutra Skamperle as Young Dara, Zijah Sokolovic as Izet, Branko Sturbej as Koch, Dario Varga as Driver, Matija Vastl as Car, Barbara Vidovic as Madona, Milan Vodopivec as Principal, The, Branko Zavrsan as Heckler
Run Time : 104 min
Filming Locations : Maribor, Slovenia
Country : Slovenia
Language : Slovenian
Kovac with Dara, whose childhoods looming badly, join up inside an orphanage with search out united to each other. After ten years…
Kovac furthermore Dara, whose childhoods surfacing badly, join up inside an orphanage furthermore acquire tied to each other. After ten years, once they are inside their teens, furthermore both part an adolescent watch of the world, they by chance join up again. Kovac is a gang leader, Dara lives a alone existence inside her own charmed world. Kovac`s gang starts concerning oneself in additional furthermore additional sober deals. When the rascals deem each other trapped between loyalty to separate mob bosses furthermore pouring derive pleasure corrupted policeman, their trivial illusions disappear. The scheme second is only just possible. Will the rascals affect to surge beyond, will Kovac furthermore Dara troth able to unless their misplaced youths furthermore pop out novel lives?

Barabe! (2001)
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