Angel 116 (2011)

Director : Stephen Pytak
Genre : Fantastic Action
Cast : Jenna McBreen as Marci Matejick, Victoria Vaughn as Corinn Michaels, Bobby Maso as Ramsay, Vanessa Kundrik as Pamela Irene Victor, Marion Elizabeth Smoot as Love Doll, Stephen Pytak as Dorian Childs, Jodi DeLeon as Trisha Grant, Becki White as Le Propriétaire Bell Marie as Katerina, Donna Nye as The Enchantress
Run Time : USA:55 min
Filming Locations : Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A sequel to Stephen Pytak`s direct movie “With Love (2011),” “Angel 116 (2011)” is an demeanor drama which…
A sequel to Stephen Pytak`s brusquest show "With Love (2011)," "Angel 116 (2011)" is an act drama which follows the adventures of "Marci," a absentee FBI origin who has done for her continuation inside rummage around of a low-rent mercenary seen since "The .40 Caliber Mouse." Obsessed and her target, Marci is preparing on acquiring more than the business. Frustrated and her lack of progress, she starts operating reminiscent of the hired killer, venturing to the underground to annihilate criminals inside a shot to class the universe a more proficient place. In the process, she finally ends up finding by chance "Corinn," the elusive mercenary she`d been looking for.

Angel 116 (2011)
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