Wound (2010)

Director : David Blyth
Genre : Fantasy, Horror
Cast : Kate O`Rourke as Susan, Te Kaea Beri as Tanya, Campbell Cooley as Master John, Sandy Lowe as Mistress Ruth, Brendan Gregory as Neil, Ian Mune as Dr. Nelson, Maggie Tarver as Dr Alice Weaver, Chrystal Ash as Rosie, Matt Easterbrook as Mark, Omar Al-Sobky as Crisis Team #1, Andy Sophocleous as Crisis Team #2, Christina Cortesi as Catwoman, Heath Mortlock as D.J., Richard S.J. Scholes as Extra
Plot : A thrilling fright movie that explores the gloomy worlds of emotional illness, incest, settling of scores along with death…
Run Time : 76 min
Country : New Zealand
Company : ILA Films