Alter Ego (2012)

Director : Simon Ruschmeyer
Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Cast : Jördis Richter Directed by Simon Ruschmeyer Simon Ruschmeyer as. producer Robert Staffl as. producer Cinematography by Robert Staffl Simon Ruschmeyer Costume Design by Laura Büchel Makeup Department Mel Willmann as. makeup artist Visual Effects by Nando Stille as. digital effects Runtime:5 min Country : Germany Color : Color
Run Time : 5 min
Country : Germany
Language :
Diving ended the mind`s look over … straining debris of the splintering wakeful … lurking inside chambers of anticipate in addition to memory …
Diving completed the mind`s get a bird’s-eye behold of … streaming debris of the splintering unsleeping … lurking inside chambers of anticipate plus memory, prompt ignites the variegated inside themselves … imitating dominion inside fragile authenticity … both collide … who shall prevail? Director RUSCH MEYER was empowered by a trip at to an archaic disused sickbay spilt second scouting likelihood spots because his after project. Exploring the long, dark, rotting corridors, the decaying rooms, he thought himself speculating on the contrasts of calamity plus anticipate which must automatically labor under coexisted inside such a place, intervals allowed within the brain which could certainly not labor under been physically possible, analogous lives lived inside the feelings of the kith and kin who worked or were permitted for patients inside the building.

Alter Ego (2012)
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