Train Master (2008)

Director : Phil Bransom
Genre : Family
Cast : Jon Ashley Hall as Brett Banner (as Jonathan Hall), Michael Biesanz as Jeremiah Wilson, Mercedes Rose as Jennifer Wilson-Ward, Elijah Nelson as Thomas Wilson-Ward, Ia Gilbert as Sarah Wilson-Ward, Daniel Nelson as Justin Banner, Noah Smith as Douglas Snyder, Bryce Walters as Sammy Jones, Bruce Chesse as Grandy McGrady, Robert Zorn as Bronson Banner, Galen Finn as Gus the Lineman, Don Bellairs as Freddie the Lineman, Nathan Will as Schmidt the Bridgeturner, John Rowe as Control Operator, Penny Shaw as School Teacher, Steve Horton as Perkins the Lawyer, Kevin Dahlgren as Drake the Lawyer, Salena Sanford as T.V. Reporter, Otto Papasadero as Tower Foreman, Shawn Nelson as SWAT Leader, Jerry L. Buxbaum as SWAT Member (as Jerry Buxbaum) Ashley Carper as Live News Reporter, Kyra Walters as Child in Car
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Forest Grove, Oregon, USA
Country : U.S.A
Language :
62 per annum ancient Jeremiah Wilson is genuinely the Train Master of Willamette Western Railroad. He lives, breaths…
62 each year ancient Jeremiah Wilson is actually the Train Master of Willamette Western Railroad. He lives, breaths, plus eats railroad. When Brett Banner, 32 each year ancient heir to New York Eastern chats his dad into obtaining Willamette Western, there is instantaneously a battle between himself plus Jeremiah. Jeremiah is fired by Brett two time indulge in retirement plus turns into a angry, fed-up grandfather. When Brett`s nine each year ancient lad Justin understands Jeremiah`s grandson Thomas may well track a locomotive, he kidnaps plus holds Thomas` darling dinosaur ransom. Justin, Thomas plus 3 abundant adolescents board an ancient engine inside given that maintenance plus inadvertently turns it into fugitive engine stimulating a rash response of events.

Train Master (2008)
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