Girly Girls (2013)

Director : Zulema Nall
Genre : Family
Cast : Mayra Leal as Sandra, Seth Lee as Illuminate Dance Troop Member, Joe Grisaffi as Mike – The Director, Avery Clynes as Mindy Smith, Mackenzie Clynes as Cindy Smith, Kaelynn Wright as Sara, Michael P Gardner as Eddie Anderson, Hadeed Ahmed as Jhon Murieta, Zulema Nall as Vivian Murieta, Kristin McKenzie as Sue -The Choreographer, Nellie Gonzalez as Nellie The Announcer, Troy Parker as Scott Peterson, Miami Johnson as Jae – The Director, Devlyn Tyree as Ryan, Johnny Solinger as Johnny Solinger, Matthew Pogonat-Walters as Chef Matthew P.W., Hunter Cudini as Michael, Rachel Nall as Avery Peterson, Isaac Fenter as Coach Harris, Ricky French as Principal Johnson, Ryan Maczuga as Illuminate Dance Troop Member, Norma Jean Lipert as Lucia, Joseph Rivera as Illuminate Dance Troop Member, Antoinette Anders as Miss. Mitchel, Robert Buttrick as Freddy PA #1, Alfred Castillo Jr. as Carlos Murieta, Brenda Pentecost as Miss. Rayburn, Paul Gonzalez as Pablo PA #2, Linda Lundgren as Miss. Waters, Iriyana Lipkin as Illuminate Dance Troop Member, Kayla Valadez as Allison, Nathalie Farinola as Madame Farinola, Kenna Rachelle Valadez as Karen, Rebekah Poret as Britney Murieta, Natalie E Laizure as Sophie, Darren Hamilton as Darren, Jillian Martin as Jackie, Billy Dorsey as Billy Dorsey, Lucy Rudichuk as Alex, Elser H. Hernandez as Luis, Ivan Young as Dr. Young, Mary Poret as Jennifer Peterson, Terri Clynes as Kelly Smith
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
Girly Girls, starring Rebekah Poret, Avery Clynes, Mackenzie Clynes also Rachel Nall, is a anecdote of a…
Girly Girls, starring Rebekah Poret, Avery Clynes, Mackenzie Clynes with Rachel Nall, is a narrative of a type of girls who go through dreams with aspirations to turn out to be prominent singers. Britney, Mindy, with Cindy must overwhelm several disputes inside bid to class their dreams a reality. The trio`s #1 fan, Avery, is aimed at becoming a Girly Girl herself; as a result a large amount of that she loses her own one another identity. Throughout the film, the girls find out that friendship is a influential obsession with given that they go through each other, they may perhaps overwhelm anything. The picture is targeted for the rationale that several viewers because it bestows to a petite degree iota of everything: drama, comedy, music, singing, with dancing. This picture illustrates the goodliness of friendship with self-confidence with delivers an essential Anti-Bullying message.

Girly Girls (2013)
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