Xerex (2003)

Release Date : 30 April 2003
Director : Mel Chionglo
Genres : Drama, Romance, Thriller
Cast : Aubrey Miles, Jon Hall, Kalani Ferreria, Jake Roxas, Allen Dizon, Ynez Veneracion
Synopsis : After 15 years of unprecedented tabloid sex notoriety, the Xerex Xaviera fantasy achieves big screen fulfillment via three exciting escapades into sensual. “Kama” tells of a teenaged girl’s intimate dalliances with a campus hearthrob who turns out to be a heel. “O” follows a bride-to-be’s lusty rollercoaster ride that takes her to an orgasmic bore, and her newfound toyboy, a beach lifeguad who’s only saving grace is his bedside acrobatics. While “Butas” explores the dark, seedy voyeuristic world of illicit sex.