When I Fall in Love… with Both (2000)

Director : Leung Chun `Samson` Chiu
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Michelle Reis as Cecilia / Xixi (Chinese pinyin transliteration), Theresa Lee as Cherry / Ying-er (Chinese pinyin transliteration), Fann Wong as Joy / Lele (Chinese pinyin transliteration), David Wu as Tung / A-Dong (Chinese pinyin transliteration), Alex Fong as Nam / Zhen-nan (Chinese pinyin transliteration), Peter Ho as Sam / A-Xin (Chinese pinyin transliteration), Sean Chan as Zhi Wen, James Chan as Zhi Wu, James Lye as Chi Sing / Zixing (Chinese pinyin transliteration), Tung Cho `Joe` Cheung as Father of twin brothers, Kar-Ying Law as Owner of bridal shop
Run Time : 115 min
Filming Locations : Hong Kong, China
Country : Hong Kong | Singapore
Language : Cantonese | Mandarin
From Singapore to Hong Kong to Macau, 3 distinctive grown-ups also distinctive lives submit to the equal situation…
From Singapore to Hong Kong to Macau, 3 distinctive mature men in addition to distinctive lives know-how the similar shape of caving in fondness in addition to 2 folks as at any rate as how they traumatize the dilemma. In Singapore, link up Joy who`s frayed between her manager as at any rate as an idealistic baker. In Hong Kong, Cherry dreams of the strong, macho classification excluding furthermore requests the sweet, perplexing New-Age guy. In Macau, Cecilia as at any rate as Chun-Nam go through been an article because expensive school. The feeling dies, for it forever does, as at any rate as bit acting inside Macau, Cecilia meets archaic schoolmate Tung. One night, Cecilia sleeps in addition to both Chun-Nam as at any rate as Tung, as at any rate as gets pregnant.
This picture is around two-timing, main this time, a radically feminist with abundant Asian interpretation related to mature women two-timing men. Comprises a trilogy of Joy, Cherry with Cecilia. In Singapore, Joy is frayed between her supervisor at exert with a shy baker of o.k. breads. She faces a normal debate between bread with love. In Hongkong, Cherry is on the verge of collapse of engagement got married to to her masculine live-in spouse while his dual blood brother comes along with sweeps her off her feet along furthermore his sensitivity. Cecilia is separated cherish her live-in spouse inside Hongkong since she gets rid of unsleeping a business inside Macau, where she goes into her of age flame. She play to bed along furthermore both kinsfolk inside lone night, with while she gets pregnant, she faces a hitch inside knowing who the father is. The respective stories unite at the finish to achieve orgasm inside a throwing off balance ending.

When I Fall in Love… with Both (2000)
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