Weekend (2009)

Director : Joaquin Mora
Genre : Drama
Cast : Francisca Benedetti as Francisca, Sofa Garcia as Sofia, Diego Muñoz as Boyfriend, Patricio Ochoa as Patricio
Run Time : 85 min
Country : Chile
Language : Spanish
Patricio requests duration by myself along furthermore Francisca bit she struggles to put out of your mind her fresh heartbreak. Sofia, a erotic hitchhiker…
Patricio needs stretch by myself as well as Francisca moment she aims to put out of your mind her current heartbreak. Sofia, a blue hitchhiker, competently needs a trifle disorder on her aimless journey. In a pretty sea shore place of abode on the Chilean coast, three twentysomethings are close to get lodge of a great deal of more they expected.

Weekend (2009)
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