We 3 (2011)

Director : Nando Olival
Genre : Drama
Cast : Gabriel Godoy as Cazé, Victor Mendes as Rafael, Juliana Schalch as Camila, Sophia Reis as Barbara Guilherme Godoy as Cazé, Cecília Homem de Mello (as Cecília Homem de Melo), Rafael Maia, Alceu Nunes, Henrique Taubaté
Run Time : Brazil:80 min
Filming Locations : São Paulo, Brazil
Country : Brazil
Language : Portuguese
Three teen kinsfolk present oneself loves abundant episodes of the realm to depart to college inside Sao Paulo. On their foremost sunlight hours there…
Three little kinsmen W Indian reach delight in assorted series of the realm to depart to college inside Sao Paulo. On their initially daylight there, an extraordinary as nonetheless as passionate attraction unites them. Together, they lease an place as nonetheless as kick off breathing together, inside within sight quarters. Sharing kisses as nonetheless as fond embraces. They exchange terminology of endearment plus the naturalness of ordering a sandwich at a diner. They threaten to chop up as nonetheless as the afterwards phase they are the entirety sniggering joined again. College years though almost immediately draw near to an finish and, plus each creating assorted attributes to trail, space is imminent. And consequently, their gestures, terminology as nonetheless as attitudes withstand another weight. Touching one another at the present eliminates on another significance. Words of tenderness are weighed slurp by consequences.
The college students Cazé, Rafael plus Camila meet up them inside a push the boat out inside São Paulo plus they instantaneously grow to be finest friends. Rafael plus Camila changed to the elderly area rented by Cazé plus Camila creates conventions because their relationship earning one another obligation that they might under no circumstances date her. Rafael has a rout on Camila save for he accepts her rules. However, he discovers that Camila plus Cazé are napping mutually save for he stays also them. When they graduate, Rafael decides to changed to Rio de Janeiro to act since editor. However, the trio of friends is invited to participate inside a certainty come along by Guilherme inside a selling cause to retail it to you products. They attempt to simulate a threesome plus their lives grow to be a farce, hiding the detail almost the outlook of Rafael plus their area becomes a stage, affecting their relationship.