Victoriana (2007)

Director : Katka Konecna
Genre : Drama
Cast : Carson Maness as Victoria, Melissa Ferrer as Jana, Aaron Pierce as Travis / Taylor, Roxie Beckles as Dominique, Yifat Sharabi as Ariella, Allison Lane as Katerina, Maurizio Puccinelli as Yuri, Victor Medina-San Andrés as Detective Rodriguez, Sandro D`Amelio as Detective Cole, Phillip Bloch as Morton, Patrick McMullan as Thomas, Susan Malick as Erica, Nick Raynes as Shawn, Brigitte Bourdeau as Punk Bartender, Filippo Bozotti as Rico, Michael Chenevert as Pete, Gregory O`Connor as Johnathan, Katka Konecna as Irina, Liz Haag as Jenny, Robert Fitzsimmons as Mick, Alex Pereira as Gentlemen`s Club Patron, John Auer as Gentlemen`s Club Patron, Phil Cabasino as Trance Dancer, Jasmine Vargas as Trance Dancer, Marcie Mars as Juilliard Dancer, Kiyomi Fukazawa as Bartender Lika Arsi as Gentlemen`s Club Patronness, Marc Alexander Bennett as Poker Table Hitman, Jana Benova as Strip Club Girl, Petra Benova as Exotic Dancer, Julie Celene Blackwell as Juilliard Dancer, Mauro Bossi as Cocaine Dealer, Renee Brown as Rebekah, Brittany Bur as Crying Juilliard Dancer, Abraham De Funes as Francois, Michelle Demus as Lead Dancer, John Dill as Trance DJ, Rachel Domangue as Juilliard Dancer, Soul Domouya as Yoni, Yevgeni Geller as Trance Dancer, Pavel Goldin as Trance Dancer / DJ, Mary Hanlon as Stripper, Stephen Hawrylik as Waiter, Robert Hyde as Janicka`s father, Lisa Jaycox as Trance Dancer, Channa Karounos as Trance Dancer, Katie Keiley as Juilliard Dancer, Alessandra Morali as Janicka, Anthony Morali as Club Guest, Rachel Norris as New Yorker in love, Katie Palmer as Trance Dancer, Ron Pinz as Vladimir, Simone Salley as Topless Exotic Dancer, Michelle Solares as Juilliard Dancer, Thomas Stoklasek as New Yorker in love, Orion Talmay as Waitress, Justin Venecia as Co-worker, Jordon Noel Wheat as Henderson, Jared Zajac as Gentlemen`s Club Patron
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA
Country : USA
Language : Czech | Russian | English
All she always sought is to engagement equivalent to one in every of them. They kept rehearsing her she was sick, in anticipation of she hypothetical it herself. She was the sole solitary sane.
Victoria is a Southern babe who functions loves an disdainful conjugal inside a petty North Carolina town to materialize her dreams inside New York City. As slightly girl, she dreamed of becoming a prominent dancer. Instead, she lands up inside a vicious relationship assorted in addition to drugs, insults plus humiliation inside the coming apart New York society. While her intimate subsistence is flowing downhill, stress of her immediate is becoming oppressing plus damaging. When sober, she suffers foremost bouts of depression. She chooses authoring because allocation of her relief plus escapes the world because Alice inside Wonderland. Her purported subsistence begins at her computer, then again bit by bit becomes an mania plus loses everything modification loves reality. In her fantasy world, her Alter Ego Jana, is because she only once arranged her subsistence to be. Her actual subsistence disdainful boyfriend, Taylor, becomes the great guy, Travis, plus the entire thing conforms to her incredible ideal. But because the stress of her subsistence increases, her sensibility plus omnium gatherum of this globe progresses. She starts spiritually deteriorating plus becomes somewhat mentally numb, yet loses curiosity inside her own writing. Then she chooses to run off it all. Her authoring turns morbid plus becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy of her valid life.

Victoriana (2007)
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