Tropical Snow (2015)

Director : Sam Franklin
Genre : Drama
Cast : Tawanda Manyimo as Jason, Natalie Crane as Crystal, Mihono Imai as Taeyeon's Flatemate, Ismael Barroso Roldan as Lipstick's Employer, Kengo Hosaka as Shiku, Niall Heeney as Austin, Aida Molina as Lipstick, Fang Yu as Taintian, Kyothu Dang as Drug Buyer, Johnathan Kanagaratnam as Jono, Aria Jones as Michelle, Theo Kuuya as Theo, Sam Franklin as Sam, Bengy Yee as Ben, Kay Qiao as Tiantian Sister, Ken Chan as Ken, Nayoung Han as Taeyeon, Graham Vincent as Paul, Sandra Fischer as Anna Directed by Sam Franklin (attached)   Sam Franklin  Sam Franklin as. producer Craig WatsonEditorial Department Simon Shin as. assistant editor Production CompaniesHoney Badger Productions Runtime:USA:120 min Country:New ZealandLanguage:English (performance sequences)Filming Locations:Auckland, New ZealandSee more »Company:Honey Badger ProductionsSee more »
Run Time : USA:120 min
Filming Locations : Auckland, New Zealand
Country : New Zealand
Language : English
An aspiring filmmaker is hired by a dame aiming to draw prominent on the the net with a medicine dealer aiming to type a web content given that a international medicine company.

Tropical Snow (2015)
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