Traveling at the Speed of Life (2011)

Director : Brent Crowell
Genre : Drama
Cast : Paul Dzenkiw as Thomas, Laura Bertram as Josee, Jenn Bird as Valerie, Woody Jeffreys as Patrick, Ben Cotton as Armstrong, Daniel Bacon as Rod, Kimberley Buchanan as Nurse, Curtis Caravaggio as Elvis, Luciana Carro as Jody, Julius Chapple as Dan, Glynis Davies as Mrs. Everett, Joseph Patrick Finn as City Inspector, Robert Gauvin as Simon, Alison Mackay as Kim, Marcel Maillard as Inn Keeper, Andrea Oddy as Girlfriend, Neil Schell as Mr. Everett, Karen van Blankenstein as Doctor, Costa Vassos as Cab Driver, Martin Walker as Customs Agent
Plot : Traveling is the making progress of ithyphallic epoch anecdote on the focus of a 20 something Thomas Everett who’s fallen in the rear of his friends because continuation marches on…
Run Time : Canada:95 min
Country : Canada
Company :

Traveling at the Speed of Life (2011)
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