Thin Air (2002)

Director : Laura E. Davis
Genre : Drama
Cast : Gaëlle Krikorian as Pascale Robin Durand as Luke, Anne Ewen as Louise, Jason Hewitt as Cajun Dancer
Run Time : USA:75 min
Filming Locations : Louisiana, USA
Country : USA
Language : English | French
Somewhere inside rural Louisiana, on the rows of Mississippi River, four unconnected modus vivendis finally finalize up alive inside a abode together…
Somewhere inside rural Louisiana, on the waves of Mississippi River, four dissimilar personalities land up in existence inside a abode together. Louise is a irritated painter who inherited a abode while her grandfather passed away a each year ago. Pascale, a geomorphologist delight in France, got back to review global warming then again at the moment cannot get back household as a ending of a freshly arrived at anticipation of flying. E.A., an elderly buddy of Louise`s grandfather, came over as in any case as is vanished without a backup finances just once he learns of his friend`s passing. Luke, in addition a painter, removes Louise conscious on an present to originated inside her studio, presently going in her continuation because well. The account of these four unlikely housemates wanders between documentary as in any case as fantasy, clarity as in any case as ambiguity, as in any case as builds a common sense of disposition delight in the discomforting moments as in any case as seamless flood of commonplace life.

Thin Air (2002)
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