The Word (2013)

Director : Gregory W. Friedle
Genre : Drama
Cast : Kevin O`Donnell as Tom Hawkins, James Naughton as Mike Sheehy, Maggie Lacey as Tracy Brodeur, Kelly AuCoin as Sean Higgins, Quincy Dunn-Baker as Andrew Miller, Michael Shulman as David Richardson, Natalia Payne as Lisa Zeliski, Brian Sgambati as Anthony Fiore, Daniella Van Graas as Heather, Chase Blackburn as Rick Taylor Phil `Skippy` Adams as Mall Thug #1, Sherry H. Arell as Judge Francis Brennan, Michael Boyne as Public Defender, Guy Fortt as Bailiff, Thomas Goodin as Dominic Langone, Charles Grady as Alvin Turner, Richmond Hoxie as Clive Thomas, Jared Marmitt as Mall shopper, Bernie McInerney as Priest, James McMenamin as Paul Carney, Greg Nutcher as Officer Woods, Vincent Pavonetti as Kevin Hawkins, Markley Rizzi as Assistant DA, Michael Sullivan as Kid at Stand, Ted Yudain as Brian Fielding
Run Time : 104 min
Filming Locations : Norwalk, Connecticut, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A man`s in a different way flawless being alive is blasted as soon as his teenager is kidnapped with murdered. He finds himself shredded between avenging his son`s decease with going on also his nowadays cavity existence.
Tom Hawkins is a unmatched father as nonetheless as high-powered executive who has promptly climbed the incorporated ladder. On a momentary weekend jaunt to the mall, his lad is kidnapped as nonetheless as later slaughter inside a ritualistic ceremony. When the authorities tell Tom that they go through a person inside custody who has confessed to the kidnapping, although not the murder, Tom obstructs at zero to decide who is in the back of the killings as nonetheless as accurate his vengeance – notwithstanding what on earth it rule since him. Following a vicious courtroom wrestle on the suspect, Tom is ordered since spiritual appraisals as nonetheless as therapy. Through his counseling, his deep religious faith, as nonetheless as a set of twists all over the story, Tom reconsiders whether or not his route of viciousness is the exact poll – pending the unbelievable killer is revealed. Only God may perhaps manipulate what on earth happens beyond that…

The Word (2013)
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