The Survivor Chronicles (2013)

Director : Eusevio Cordoba
Genre : Drama
Cast : Brielle Mussomeli as Michelle, Celia Tedde as Maddy, Raechele Hans as Rachel, Benny Cheng as Benny, Nicola Lane Moore as Nico, Ariana Lopez as Erin, Aaron Dionne as Eric, Pedro Cordoba as Pedro, Benjahmin Johnson as Peter (Scout), Joey Molina as Joe, Haylee Dietz as Haylee, Larry Cannon as Larry, Kayla Garvais as Catherine, Ramon Duenas as Ray, Hunter Delgado as Hunter, Vicki Cordoba as Vicki, Adi Mullen as Addison, Darlene Harston as Darlene, Danielle van Orden as Danielle, Leopold Harston as Baby, Mona Andrade as Anne, Eusevio Cordoba as Seth, Aaron Lugo as Alex, Sheena Daly as Jade, Kennet Moellenberndt as Kennet, Lauren Enriquez as Lauren, Haile Berhe as Jaime, Bryan Balderman as Rion, Taylor Richardson as Tyler, Shelby Schumacher as Rae, Zachary Dietz as Zach, Jose Carlos Lopez as John, Chris Cortez as Jason, Daniel Heath as Don, Christian Smith as Ian, Jordan Dietz as Jordan, Benjamin Lopez as Peter (New Arrival)
Run Time : 116 min
Country : USA
Language : English
Two weeks beyond a viral step-up which has rotated more or less of the gentleman inhabitants violent, a class of survivors…
Two weeks following a viral outburst which has circled some of the guy inhabitants violent, a variety of survivors composition their greenhorn existence caught up indoors a exorbitant model theater, a picture long wont away capsule as ancient times of how the survivors struggled also confirmed to overhaul a society.