The Rendering (2002)

Director : Peter Svatek
Genre : Drama
Cast : Shannen Doherty as Sarah Reynolds, Peter Outerbridge as Theodore Gray, Stephen Young as Det. Nick Sousa, John H. Brennan as Michael Reynolds, John Moore as Brett, Holly O`Brian as Rebecca Shapiro, Jennifer Rae Westley as Dana, Noel Burton as Atty. Hank Freeman, Tammy Isbell as Meredith McRaney, Conrad Pla as Ernesto, David Francis as Atty. McCain, Sean Devine as Kip, Joris Jarsky as Chad Sharpe, Pascale Coulombe as Yvette, Bobo Vian as Irena, Derrick Damon Reeve as Griswald (as Derick Damon Reeve), Jason Cavalier as Younger Cop, Richard Zeman as Older Cop, Carl Alacchi as Custodian, Terence Bowman as Bullard, Police Sketch Artist, Alan Fawcett as Ted, Charles Papasoff as Cop, Kwasi Songui as Pierce, Adam Broughton as Reporter #1, Lori Graham as Female Reporter, Philip Pretten as Pfeiffer, Alison Darcy as, Don Jordan as, Sylvia Stewart as Reporter
Run Time : 93 min
Filming Locations : Montréal, Québec, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : English
Ten days following personality molested inside knack genre by constant rapist Theodore Gray, who is saving someone’s skin 25 days on the varying hand eligible for the explanation that parole…
Ten days succeeding personality molested inside ability classification by ceaseless rapist Theodore Gray, who is collaborating with 25 days excluding eligible since parole, Sarah Reynolds leads a cheerful continuation inside a gallery with and her handsome husband, lawyer Michael Reynolds, with helps regulate undercover agent Nick Sousa, who plant Grat away, for sketch-artist. Then greenhorn cases in store Gray`s MO occur, with a victim who found elsewhere yields a description Sara hesitates to confide to paper: it go with Michael scarily. She turns it in, still just once he`s at the back of bars searches inside with is blackmailed to plead Gray`s paroling or his sin cahoots will torture Michael to death.
Sarah Reynolds is let alone skill compartment while she has a run-in also a mysterious addict of her skill who struggles to eradicate her. A defense picket comes to her rescue however the attacker gets away. Sarah is able to grant an correct description to the supervise caricature performer furthermore the attacker is apprehended. The attacker, Theodore Gray is sent somewhere else to affirmation penal complex for the explanation that 25 years. The flick jumps in advance ten years. Sarah is a glorious Bostonian businesswoman furthermore better half to Michael. Ten time suffer succeed however the psychological furthermore physical scars of her defy are further fresh. To seek to serve herself by working with others who suffer been attacked Sarah aids the supervise because a caricature artist. While sketching single victim`s description of an attacker Sarah comprehends the sketched facial expression resembles her spouse Michael. Sarah confronts Michael with statement to this who claims innocence however shortly signal is thought of by police, conveniently, inside their closet.

The Rendering (2002)
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