The Reader (2008)

Director : Stephen Daldry
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Ralph Fiennes as Michael Berg, Jeanette Hain as Brigitte, David Kross as Young Michael Berg, Kate Winslet as Hanna Schmitz, Susanne Lothar as Carla Berg, Alissa Wilms as Emily Berg, Florian Bartholomäi as Thomas Berg, Friederike Becht as Angela Berg, Matthias Habich as Peter Berg, Frieder Venus as Doctor, Marie-Anne Fliegel as Hanna`s Neighbour (as Marie Anne Fliegel), Hendrik Arnst as Woodyard Worker, Rainer Sellien as Teacher, Torsten Michaelis as Sports Master, Moritz Grove as Holger, Joachim Tomaschewsky as Stamp Dealer, Barbara Philipp as Waitress, Hans Hohlbein as Clerk, Jürgen Tarrach as Gerhard Bade (as Juergen Tarrach), Kirsten Block as Female Judge, Vijessna Ferkic as Sophie (as Vijnessa Ferkic), Vanessa Berthold as Sophie`s Friend, Benjamin Trinks as Holger`s Friend, Fritz Roth as Tram Supervisor, Hannah Herzsprung as Julia, Jacqueline Macaulay as Heidelberg Lecturer (as Jaqueline Macaulay), Volker Bruch as Dieter, Bruno Ganz as Professor Rohl, Karoline Herfurth as Marthe, Max Mauff as Rudolf, Ludwig Blochberger as Seminar Group Student, Jonas Jägermeyr as Seminar Group Student, Alexander Kasprik as Seminar Group Student, Burghart Klaußner as Judge (as Burghart Klaussner), Sylvester Groth as Prosecuting Council, Fabian Busch as Hanna`s Defence Council, Margarita Broich as Co-Defendant, Marie Gruber as Co-Defendant, Lena Lessing as Co-Defendant, Merelina Kendall as Co-Defendant, Hildegard Schroedter as Co-Defendant, Lena Olin as Rose Mather / Ilana Mather, Alexandra Maria Lara as Young Ilana Mather, Martin Brambach as Remand Prison Guard #1, Michael Schenk as Remand Prison Guard #2, Ava Eusepi-Harris as Young Julia, Nadja Engel as Mail Room Guard #1, Anne-Kathrin Gummich as Mail Room Guard #2, Carmen-Maja Antoni as Prison Librarian, Petra Hartung as Head Prison Guard, Linda Bassett as Ms. Brenner, Beata Lehmann as Ms. Brenner`s Secretary, Heike Hanold-Lynch as Prison Guard, Bettina Scheuritzel as Gate Guard, Robin Gooch as Ilana`s Maid (as Robin Lyn Gooch), Thomas Borchardt as Criminal Defense Lawyer, Alexandru Herca as Reporter, Hendrik Maaß as Michael`s Court House Assistant, Klemen Novak as Additional Voices, Rich Odell as Taxi Driver, Daniele Rizzo as Student, Sam Luca Scollin as Reporter, Stephan Ziller as Student in Court
Plot : Post-WWII Germany: Nearly a decade following his business in addition to an more responsible mature woman got here to an odd end, act student Michael Berg re-encounters his past spouse since she defends herself inside a war-crime trial.
Run Time : 124 min
Country : USA | Germany
Company : Weinstein Company, The