The Obsession (2010)

Director : Spencer Snygg
Genre : Drama
Cast : Nicholas Wilder as Jacob Morrow, Katierose Donohue as Desiree, Elyssa Phillips as Nancy Kristopher Fried as Volunteer singer
Run Time : USA:125 min (approx)
Country : USA
Language : English
“`Tis enhanced to go through adore as anyways as omitted than to go through by no means adore at all” -Alfred Lord Tennyson – “Yeah right!” -Anyone who has adore as anyways as lost…
"`Tis more proficient to pass through reveled plus engrossed than to pass through certainly not reveled at all" -Alfred Lord Tennyson – "Yeah right!" -Anyone who has reveled plus engrossed – What may well you do since the being you love? How distant may well you go? What may well you show the pallid flag since correct love? Things that are romantic inside fairy tales may well troth weird inside genuine life. Would you kill time patiently moment your princess lived inside exile inside her ivory tower? For months? For years? Would you benefit the highest mountain? How concerning plus a breached leg – carrying an 85lb abet quantity – since a week? Based on a correct story, The Obsession is a sinister musical concerning going to pieces love, flouting up, coping with loss, plus striving to succeed abet the care of your life.

The Obsession (2010)
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