The Mole (2011)

Director : Rafael Lewandowski
Genre : Drama
Cast : Borys Szyc as Pawel Kowal, Marian Dziedziel as Zygmunt Kowal, Magdalena Czerwinska as Ewa Kowal, Wojciech Pszoniak as Stefan Grabek, Slawomir Orzechowski as Tadeusz Kowal, Bartlomiej Topa as Manager of `Solidarity`, Jerzy Janeczek as Rysiek, Dariusz Szymor as Jan Kowal, Krystyna Wisniewska-Slawik as Elzbieta, Stanislawa Lopuszanska as Zygmunt`s mother, Michal Rolnicki as Wojtek, Juliusz Krzysztof Warunek as Roman, Anita Poddebniak as Jola, Zbigniew Rucinski as Lucek Kowal, Marta Poplawska as Judge, Prune Lichtle as Natalie, Danielle Cohen as Mrs. Kowal – Tadeusz`s wife, Andrzej Lipski as Robert Piatek, Dino Colangelo as Host of Polonia party, Danuta Borsuk as Bogusia, Mamadou Dioumé as Djibril, Grzegorz Kulikowski as Wiesiek, Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska as Reporter, Malgorzata Deda as Reporter, Jasz Pawlus as Tomek Kowal, Anna Rau as Reporter, Jacek Poplawski as Reporter, Wieslaw Kupczak as Guard, Maria Byrska as Neighbour, Susanna Gottschalk as Jan`s daugther, Helena Gottschalk as Jan`s daugther, Artur Hauke as Zygmunt Kowal – 80`s Andrzej Jablonski, Dariusz Lorek, Andrzej Putowski, Ewa Reymann, Piotr Rybak
Run Time : 107 min
Filming Locations : Bielsko-Biala, Slaskie, Poland
Country : Poland | France
Language : Polish | French
Pawel, a Polish grown-up inside his early on 30s, lists a alive in addition to his father Zygmunt importing second-hand clothing…
Pawel, a Polish grown person inside his timely 30s, stamps a alive along furthermore his father Zygmunt importing second-hand ensemble like the North of France to Southern Poland. On his routine serve like one in every of popular "business trips", Pawel is stunned to find out his father`s depiction on the protection of a Polish tabloid newspaper. The heading "traitor" is written then to his name. Zygmunt is a sincere hero of the battle opposition totalitarianism as nonetheless as a found out member of the "Solidarnosc" hard work movement of the 80s. But now, Zygmunt is all at once accused by the do out of stimulating acted since a covert informer ringed up THE MOLE by the communist regime.
Pawel Kowal, a immature Pole, discovers that Zygmunt, his father, whom he versed ceaselessly accepted since a hero of the `Solidarity` syndicate, might meet wakeful with secluded a less wonderful past, at the provision of the communist regime. Little by little, their amorous affairs are undermined by the ghosts of the past…

The Mole (2011)
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