The Magic of Marciano (2000)

Director : Tony Barbieri
Genre : Drama
Cast : Cody Morgan as James, Nastassja Kinski as Katie, Robert Forster as Henry, Jason Cairns as Curt, Will Cochran as Peter, Eugene Clark as Del, Jennifer Overton as Mary, Bruce Godfree as Kevin, Ron Hartman as Male judge, Marcia Bennett as Carol, John Fulton as Lloyd, Billy Kay as Brendan, Leah Randell as Lucy, Catherine Fordham as Linda, Dawn McKelvie Cyr as Ms. Bergez, Mary Vingoe as Testing lady Drew MacDonald as Bob the manager, Lewis Paffile as Prosecutor
Run Time : Czech Republic:105 min | USA:100 min
Filming Locations : Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Country : USA | France
Language : English
A 10-year-old boy shares an powerful click and his somewhat mentally unwell mother. The youth`s existence is gyrated upside…
A 10-year-old boy shares an powerful take to each other in addition to his emotionally under the weather mother. The youth`s survival is spinned upside drink while his mommy lapses into sweeping psychosis. A past psychiatrist removes let-down on, as anyhow as at that time custody of, the child.
Dramatic story of a juvenile boy who prefers his shameful head to the agonizing veracity of his commonplace life. Desperate to run off persecution at bracket with at home, juvenile James wanders the docks of his picturesque coastal fatherland in anticipation of he befriends Henry, a retiree initiating a boat to glide with observation to the world. One fateful night, once James is separated delight in his deeply uncomfortable mother, Henry teaches him the most eminent anathema trick of the full thing inside how to live inside the cheerful region deemed everyplace between fantasy with reality.
James is a boy who retreats into fantasy to break out the gnarly issues that draw nigh his life. His mamma Katie, is somewhat mentally ill, in addition to forever fights also her boyfriend Curt. James in no way knew his father. He meets Henry, a retired mature person who intentions to glide regarding the planet as he finishes furbishing an more matured glide boat. James volunteers to collaborate with also the boat, in addition to becomes friends also Henry. Katie`s complication worsens, streaming James`s aptitude to cope.

The Magic of Marciano (2000)
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