The Last Day (2006)

Director : Magnus Hedberg
Genre : Drama
Cast : Kerim Arhan as Drugdealer 2, Sandra Huldt as Minna, Jonas Hult as Dead Drugdealer, Rafael Pettersson as Peter, Anna Rothlin as Karin, Andreas Rothlin-Svensson as Markus, Magnus Schmitz as Drugdealer 1
Run Time : Sweden:120 min
Filming Locations : Malmö, Skåne län, Sweden
Country : Sweden
Language : Swedish
Markus furthermore Karin is a few who looks to suffer it all. They are both unbeaten indoors their row of work…
Markus with Karin is a few who appears to undergo it all. They are both unbeaten indoors their row of work. But lower than the materialize a calamity inside their relationship has took place with pool the designs of the transpiring inside question. They undergo run into a crossroad. Markus petite cousin Peter is in existence a rather assorted subsistence plus his lady friend Minna. Their every daylight is characterized by problems. Guilt, uneasiness with medicines are tearing their subsistence apart. The brothers exclusively undergo seasonal communication with the exclusively mania they undergo inside popular is the cabin they lately inherited indulge in their father. Without knowing each other`s plans, the brothers attempt to depart to the cabin plus their girlfriends. During three searing years the two couples are obligated to live accurately in concert inside the petite cabin. Strong way of thinking with mature clashes arises. Relations are deposit to the test. The drawbacks that conveyed one another to the cabin appears plenty with plenty distant, on the peculiar hand their history is making unsleeping on them.

The Last Day (2006)
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