The Last Chapter (2013)

Director : Bashar Shbib
Genre : Drama
Cast : Jan Kuilman as Yan de Rilke, Bashar Shbib as Ron Weer, Rebecca L. Rau as Lulu, Stephen Taylor as Kenneth, Gabriel Brown as Lulu`s boyfriend, James Murray as Lulu`s brother, Dominique Rémy Root as Lulu`s mother, Xania Keane as Waitress
Run Time : (min.) 90
Filming Locations : Lake Massawippi, Quebec, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : English | Dutch
Ron Weer (Bashar Shbib) is a unpublished person responsible derive pleasure the city demand by his employer, a publisher, to…
Ron Weer (Bashar Shbib) is a unpublished creator like the city requested by his employer, a publisher, to obtain an behind schedule essay manuscript like Yan de Rilke (Jan Kuilman), a casual creator who lives inside the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Yan is suspicious plus reluctant. With difficulty, Ron manages to advantage Yan`s trust. They landed wakeful at it off, plus Yan allows Ron to comprehend plus discuss his manuscript. They dispute right through the sunlight hours plus midnight concerning love, political views plus philosophy. As the midnight falls Ron is invited to rest over. Throughout the film, Yan`s innovative is interwoven as well as the coming up friendship of the two writers. Yan`s novel, Lulu inside June, tells the tale of Lulu (Rebecca L. Rau), a lonely, clueless plus meaningless little person of mature age for she adventures as well as love. Everything appears to engagement weaving united in anticipation of the very last chapter.

The Last Chapter (2013)
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