The Guardian (2011/I)

Director : Mark Tuff
Genre : Drama
Cast : JaNae Armogan as Melissa, Mark Tuff as Michael Adams, Tom West as Tom Lydia Chan as Dannie, Michelle Ras as Reena, Dennis West as George
Run Time : (None):90 min
Filming Locations : Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Country : Canada
Language : English
Officer Adams is sent to protect Melissa Scotsmen who has attested something dirty, spilt second less than his relief something runs badly wrong…
Officer Adams is sent to protect Melissa Scotsmen who has acknowledge something dirty, little bit below his aid something play disgustingly wrong, a every year play by in addition to he moreover can`t forgive himself because what on earth has materialized or has it? Booze in addition to cures becomes his friend. His succor in addition to better half Officer Tom at last intervenes in addition to tells him to straighten up, little bit aiming to present itself help strong, he finds his plant inside the equal plight and Melissa`s facial expression far and wide he goes, except there`s several to it than meets the eye. Now the interview is… will he brand the equal mistake twice?
Melissa Scotsmen has wandered into a plight that is nearly insufferable to walk out of, nowadays putting her vitality inside peril an official noticed Michael Adams is sent to protect her. But stuffs don`t go off fairly in the suggest of finances along with something awful happens. After a per annum of medications along with booze he was firm also the bail somebody out of his buddy Officer Tom that he concerns to search out give assistance to on the wagon, then again nowadays stuffs are attaining strange, nowadays he`s beginning to envision Melissa`s facial features all over he goes, beyond reflecting it`s his Karma he`s beginning to sample himself, is he ready? Will Officer Adams troth able to converted forward, will he permit this issue he can`t seem to shake haunt him for the rationale that the recreation of his life, or is it haunting him at all?