The Golden Veil (2011)

Director : Terry T. Miller
Genre : Drama
Cast : Noelle Perris as Layla, Ben Trimm as Benjamin, Gabriel Rissa as Amir (as Amirali Raissnia), Bahman Nassiri as Jaafar, Tiffany Lonsdale as Maria, Noushy Afshar as Prisoner, Jessica Hardulak as Disco Girl, Kristina Denton as Disco Girl, Delara Shirvani as Shirin, Dave Bonsignore as Hassan, Steve Decuir as Gonzo, Hicham El-Khoury as Osama, Jared Engelmier as Guard, Stanley Jijawi as Prisoner, Ken Lutzow as U.S. Colonel, Arash Malek as Arash, Sahm McGlynn as Hussein, Bill Sullivan as Worshipful Master, Virginiah as Belly Dancer Natalie Friedman as Maman Bozorg, David Pucksoontorn as Temple Guard
Run Time : 90 min
Filming Locations : Indio, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
Set hostile a backdrop of greed, corruption along with opinionated intrigue, lies a anecdote of love, voltage along with betrayal…
Set opposed to a backdrop of greed, corruption also partisan intrigue, lies a chronicle of love, electricity also betrayal. Beginning as well as a revolution, also calling it off on the peculiar closest of the world, it is a chronicle close to money, motor oil, also a clandestine romance of a good-looking grown grown-up person inside tenderness as well as a woman fancy a far away off land. This is where cultures clash, friendships tested, attachments flouted also lives lost, inside an international conspiracy of lies, spies also confidential agendas, separate at the rear of a Golden Veil.

The Golden Veil (2011)
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