The Girl (2009)

Director : Fredrik Edfeldt
Genre : Drama, Family
Cast : Blanca Engström as The Girl, Shanti Roney as The Father, Annika Hallin as The Mother, Calle Lindqvist as Petter, Tova Magnusson-Norling as Anna, Leif Andrée as Gunnar, Maria Langhammer as Elisabeth (as Ia Langhammer), Krystof Hádek as The Balloon Man, Emma Wigfeldt as Tina, Michelle Vistam as Gisela, Vidar Fors as Ola, Mats Blomgren as Ola`s Father, Eleonora Gröning as Swimming School Teacher, Per Burell as Claes Curman, Henric Holmberg as Gentlemen`s Dinner Host
Plot : Story of a ten-year-old gal departed unaccompanied inside her residence inside the summer of 1981.
Run Time : USA:95 min | Germany:95 min (Berlin International Film Festival)
Country : Sweden
Company : Acne Film

The Girl (2009)
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