The Day Third (2007)

Director : Mohammad Hossein Latifi
Genre : Drama, War
Cast : Puria Pursorkh as Reza, Baran Kosari as Samireh Borzou Arjmand as Amir, Hamed Behdad as Foad, Shahram Ghaedi as Soleyman, Pooriya Poorsorkh as Reza, Mehid Sabaei as Mehdi, Malek Seraj as Malek, Majid Yaser as Majid, Morteza Zare as Morteza
Run Time : 90 min
Filming Locations : Khuzestan Province, Iran
Country : Iran
Language : Persian
During the Iran-Iraq War, a disabled juvenile person of mature age is carried captive by Iraqi Baathist forces inside Khuzestan Province (in Southern Iran). Her brother, together with his beau combatants, struggles to absolved his female family member cherish the clutches of the enemy.

The Day Third (2007)
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