The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008)

Director : Scott Derrickson
Genre : Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Cast : Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, Jennifer Connelly as Helen Benson, Kathy Bates as Regina Jackson, Jaden Smith as Jacob Benson, John Cleese as Professor Barnhardt, Jon Hamm as Michael Granier, Kyle Chandler as John Driscoll, Robert Knepper as Colonel, James Hong as Mr. Wu, John Rothman as Dr. Myron, Sunita Prasad as Rouhani, Juan Riedinger as William Kwan, Sam Gilroy as Tom, Tanya Champoux as Isabel, Rukiya Bernard as Student, Alisen Down as Laptop Woman, David Lewis as Plainclothes Agent, Lloyd Adams as Agent Driver, Mousa Kraish as Yusef, J.C. MacKenzie as Grossman, Kurt Max Runte as Civil Engineer, Daniel Bacon as Winslow, Richard Keats as Helicopter Scientist #1, Bill Mondy as Helicopter Scientist #2, Judith Maxie as Helicopter Scientist #3, Reese Alexander as Sergeant, Serge Houde as Scientist #1, Lorena Gale as Scientist #2, Stefanie Samuels as Guardswoman, Richard Tillman as Army Sergeant, Camille Atebe as NYPD #1, Thomas Bradshaw as NYPD #2, Terence Dament as NYPD #3, Patrick Sabongui as Soldier #1, Jacob Blair as Soldier #2, Shaine Jones as Soldier #3, Jake McLaughlin as Soldier, George Sharperson as Cop, Shaker Paleja as Medic #1, Douglas Chapman as Medic #2 (as Doug Chapman), Marci T. House as Medic #3, Aaron Craven as Technician, Roger R. Cross as General Quinn (as Roger Cross), Heather Doerksen as Regina`s Aide, Hiro Kanagawa as Dr. Ikegawa, Craig Stanghetta as Grey Man, Stefan Busse as Grey Man, Dean Redman as Military Policeman, David Richmond-Peck as Polygraph Operator, Andrew Wheeler as Guardsman, Darien Provost as Little Boy, Daniel St. Andrews as Train Passenger #1, Brad Dryborough as Train Passenger #2, Ken Kirzinger as Arguing Evacuee, William `Big Sleeps` Stewart as Transit Cop (as William `Bigsleeps` Stewart), Blair Redford as Army Fighter Pilot #1, Daniel Wisler as Army Fighter Pilot #2, Mark Kogan as Air Traffic Controller, Brandon T. Jackson as Target Tech, Ed Fong as Wu`s Grandson (as Edward Fong), Sandy Colton as Army Corps Engineer Captain (as Sandra Colton), Ty Olsson as Flash Chamber Colonel, Jay-Nicolas Hackleman as State Trooper, Dawn Chubai as News Anchor, Joshua Close as Flash Chamber Engineer, Leanne Adachi as Flash Chamber Tech, Geoff Meed as Field Commander Communications Officer, Michael Hogan as General, Ben Cotton as Truck Driver, Kevan Kase as Pickup Truck Driver, Jennifer Paterson as Girlfriend, Josue Aguirre as Humvee Soldier, Len Anderson IV as Army Staff Sergeant, Pope Benedict XVI as Himself, Nicole Kunz as Olivia, Dustin LaValley as Soldier, Tyler McClendon as Coffee Cup Guy, Bobbi Brown McRae as Police Officer, Angela Merkel as Herself – German Chancellor, Vladimir Putin as Himself – Russian Prime Minister, Bertrand Roberson Jr. as Soldier, John Shaw as Principal, Steve Silverie as Soldier
Plot : A cover version of the 1951 classic sci-fi picture almost an overseas visitant in addition to his bulky computer counterpart who stopover at Earth.
Run Time : 104 min
Country : USA | Canada
Company : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation