The Day God Walked Away (2009)

Director : Philippe Van Leeuw
Genre : Drama
Cast : Lætitia Reva as Karin, Ruth Nirere as Jacqueline, Pierrick Le Pochat as Jean-Pierre, Lola Tuyaerts, Afazali Dewaele as The wounded man, Juliette Nsengiyumya as Fille de Joaquin, Ismael Dusengimana as Chef, Pacifique Niyotwizera as Fils de Joaquin, Emmanuel Kayitaba as Tueur, Mariam Mupenzi as Mégère, Aphrodice Tuyizere as L`ado armé
Plot : Film yields an additional strive against the Rwandan genocide, finished the foremost human being go through of one and only grown grown-up person since the dread descends.
Run Time : 100 min
Country : France | Belgium
Company : Les Films du Mogho

The Day God Walked Away (2009)
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