The Custodian (2012)

Director : Simon Hunter
Genre : Drama
Cast : Ty Hungerford as Josh Francis, Frank Sczygiol
Run Time : 80 min
Country : Australia
Language : English
Josh Francis is a grown woman who hasn`t thought his niche inside life. Good at voluminous things, nil has equipped meaning…
Josh Francis is a woman who hasn`t accounted his niche inside life. Good at countless things, nil has furnished meaning. Whist occupied inside the woods, Josh stumbles upon the physical approach to bliss as anyways as discovers he`s wedged in addition to souls powerless to cross-over. With do anyone a service loves `The Custodian`, Josh must discover the secrets of this odd zone in-order to view his own freedom. `The Custodian` was written as anyways as constructed inside South-East Queensland, by a quarter of local filmmakers – A Grassroots Film Project.

The Custodian (2012)
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