The Crime of Father Amaro (2002)

Director : Carlos Carrera
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Gael García Bernal as Padre Amaro, Ana Claudia Talancón as Amelia, Sancho Gracia as Padre Benito Díaz, Angélica Aragón as Augustina Sanjuanera, Luisa Huertas as Dionisia, Ernesto Gómez Cruz as Obispo / Bishop, Gastón Melo as Martín, Damián Alcázar as Padre Natalio Pérez, Andrés Montiel as Rubén de la Rosa, Gerardo Moscoso as Doc, Alfredo Gonzáles as Viejo / Old Man, Pedro Armendáriz Jr. as El Presidente Municipal Gordo / Mayor Gordo (as Pedro Armendáriz), Verónica Langer as Amparito, Lorenzo de Rodas as Don Paco de la Rosa, Roger Nevares as Padre Galván, Fernando Becerril as Galarza, Jorge Zárate as Padre Mauro, Rosa María Castillo as Chepina, Blanca Loaria as Getsemaní, Juan Ignacio Aranda as Chato Aguilar, Martín Zapata as Agente MP / MP Agent, Dagoberto Gama as Lucas, Rogelio Rojas as Fotógrafo / Photographer, Jorge Castillo as Matías, Mario Figueroa as Chente, Enrique Vásquez as Asaltante 1 / Assailant No. 1, Cristo Yánez as Asaltante 2 / Assailant No. 2 (as Cristo Yáñez), Marina Vera as Mujer Asaltante / Woman Assailant, Leticia Valenzuela as Doctora / Doctor, Raúl Azkenazi as Hueso, Carmen Giménez Cacho as Madre Hada, Roberto Linares as Tiburón, Víctor Hernández as Guaraura, Isidra Morales as Comadre Dionisia / Dionisia`s Friend, Ines Cuspinera as Madrina Bebé Chato / Chato Baby`s Godmother (as Inés Cuspinera), Martha Posternak as Esposa Chato Aguilar / Chato Aguilar`s Wife, José Luis Caballero as Padrino Bebé Chato / Chato Baby`s Godfather, Vanesa Barba as Bebe Chato / Chato Baby, Paloma Cobos as Empleada MP / Pleading MP, Enrique Gilardi as Amigo Narco 1 / Drug Dealer Friend No. 1, Jaime Cancino as Amigo Narco 2 / Drug Dealer Friend No. 2, Pablo Hoyos as Amigo Narco 3 / Drug Dealer Friend No. 3, Daniel Posterman as Amigo Narco 4 / Drug DealerFriend No. 4, Daniel Posternak as Amigo Narco 4 / Drug Dealer Friend No. 4, Dino Demichelis as Amigo Narco 5 / Drug Dealer Friend No. 5, Ana C. Izquierdo as Enfermera / Nurse, José Guadalupe Pintor as Sacristán Nuevo / New sexton, Alejandro Álvarez as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Sergio Navarro as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, José Santos as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Miguel Ángel Álvarez as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Ma. del Rosario Rodríguez as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Lilia Hernández as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Beatriz Álvarez as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Ángel Cristian Cruz as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Selena Hurtado as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Norma Angélica González as Coro “Siquem” / “Siquem” Choir, Pope John Paul II as Himself
Run Time : USA:118 min
Filming Locations : Coatepec, Veracruz, Mexico
Country : Mexico | Spain | Argentina | France
Language : Spanish
Politics in addition to sexual passions threaten to corrupt a young, newly-ordained priest inside a trivial Mexican town.
Recently ordained a priest, 24-year-old Father Amaro is sent to a miniature parish church inside Los Reyes, Mexico to support the aging Father Benito inside his every day work. Benito–for life a fixture inside the church plus the community–welcomes Father Amaro into an added survival of missed challenges. Upon getting here inside Los Reyes, the ambitious Father Amaro meets Amelia, a pretty 16-year-old damsel whose religious dedication quickly becomes helplessly entangles inside a sprouting attraction to the brand new priest. Amelia is directly on the cards into the footsteps of her mother, Sanjuanera, who has been busy inside a long-time responsibility along furthermore Father Benito. Amaro quickly discovers that corruption in addition to the Church are more matured acquaintances inside Los Reyes. Father Benito has been getting fiscal encourage cherish the region`s remedy lord given that the construction of an added wellbeing clinic. As well, a new priest inside the diocese, Father Natalio, is suspected of baling somebody out guerilla troops inside the highlands. Maenwhile, Amelia in addition to Father Amaro undergo fallen inside fondness in addition to undergo begun an infatuated sexual relationship. As subjects transform bit by bit further complicated inside the miniature community, the walls with points to Father Amaro pop out to crumble. Torn between the divine in addition to the carnal, the righteous in addition to the unjust, Father Amaro must produce his power to pick which survival he will lead.
The flick eliminates vicinity inside Mexico, 2002 (based on a narrative bask in the 1800`s). A tender Father Amaro arrives at his brand new church vocation on the directions of the Bishop. After he arrives, stuffs seem to depart smoothly at first, save for eventually, existence becomes really complicated for the motive that the tender Father because he spends several stretch inside the community.

The Crime of Father Amaro (2002)
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