The Company Men (2010)

Director : John Wells
Genre : Drama
Cast : Ben Affleck as Bobby Walker, Thomas Kee as Mifflin (as Thomas R. Kee), Craig Mathers as Conners, Gary Galone as Karlson, Tommy Lee Jones as Gene McClary, Chris Cooper as Phil Woodward, Suzanne Rico as Gail, Adrianne Krstansky as Carol, Lewis D. Wheeler as Ken, Celeste Oliva as Jane, Tom Kemp as Conal, Nancy Villone as Diane, Chris Everett as Barbara, Maria Bello as Sally Wilcox, Lance Greene as Landry, Kathy Harum as Karen, Allyn Burrows as Stevens, Anthony Estrella as Haspel, Craig T. Nelson as James Salinger, David Catanzaro as Archer, Rosemarie DeWitt as Maggie Walker, Anthony O`Leary as Drew, Angela Rezza as Carson, Sasha Spielberg as Sarah, Maryann Plunkett as Lorna, Patricia Kalember as Cynthia, Kevin Costner as Jack Dolan, Dana Eskelson as Dierdre Dolan, James Colby as Davey, John Doman as Dysert, Richard Snee as Speaker, Ellen Colton as MK&T Receptionist, Eamonn Walker as Danny, Cady Huffman as Joanna, Gene Amoroso as Balding Man, Annette Miller as Nan, Tonye Patano as Joyce Robertson, David De Beck as Hansen, Kent Shocknek as Herb Rittenour, William Hill as Kevin Walker, Carolyn Pickman as Fran Walker, Jeff Barry as Dale, David Wilson Barnes as Troy Thayer, Brian White as Mike, Denece Ryland as FMR Receptionist, Rena Maliszweski as Robin, Cindy Lentol as Dana, Scott Winters as Ed, Sanjit De Silva as Tom, Austin Lysy as Liam, Elizabeth Dann as Norvell Receptionist, Dossy Peabody as Jane Nefeld, Gloria Crist as Human Resource Assistant, Una Green as Secretary, Kevin DeCoste as Boy Playing Football, Keith Fluker as GTX Exec, John Franchi as Neighbor, Rich Manley as Porche Buyer, Dan Marshall as GTX Executive / Shareholder, Americo Presciutti as Security Guard, Billy Silvia as GTX Corporate Security
Plot : The tale centers on a each year inside the living of three persons striving to continue to exist a rash of commercial downsizing at a chief agency – furthermore how that affects them, their families, furthermore their communities.
Run Time : 109 min
Country : UK | USA
Company : Odyssey Entertainment