The Busker (2006)

Director : Stephen J. Croke
Genre : Drama
Cast : Alex Alexander as Seamus O`Mallie, Ayla Rose Barreau as Ruby, McKey Carpenter as Eamon, Chris Collins as News reporter, Tyrone Croom as Drive by shooter, Evan Dumouchel as Joseph, Christopher Foley as Jimmy, Michael Henderson as Henry, Joanna Herrington as Claire O`Mallie, Louis Jacques as Christmas tree salesman, Jeff Marcus as PJ O`Mallie (as Jeffrey Charles Marcus), Rob O`Dwyer as John O`Mallie, Liam O`Maonlai as Patrick O`Mallie, Kristin Smith as Fionna, Chris Trapper as Record store clerk, Andrew Peregrine White as Martin, Derry Woodhouse as Oliver Adams, Sonya Joyner as Airport Traveler, Michael Timothy Kennedy as Airport Traveler
Run Time : (min.) 90
Country : USA
Language : English
After the terminal kicking of the bucket of his father, Seamus, a little busker (street musician), falls for the cause that a free-spirited African-American girl…
After the terminal passing away of his father, Seamus, a little busker (street musician), falls because a free-spirited African-American girl. Their springing up relationship is threatened by the racial pressure that surrounds one another with a possibility exhibited to to Seamus by an unlikely stranger.

The Busker (2006)
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