The Bright Day (2012)

Director : Mohit Takalkar
Genre : Drama
Cast : Rajit Kapoor as Father, Mohan Agashe as Old Man, Shernaz Patel as Mother, Radhika Apte as Rukmini, Sarang Sathaye as Shiv, Rakhi Kumari as Balcony Girl, Ajit Singh Palawat as Chaand, Kelly Marie Miller as Cringuta, Prachi Pawar as Chanda, Devraya Potdar as Golu
Run Time : 90 min
Filming Locations : Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
Country : India
Language : Hindi
This is a yarn of Shiv. Shiv, and a supportive family, a within reach collection of friends as anyhow as a usual continuation inside the entire lot respects…
This is a yarn of Shiv. Shiv, in addition to a supportive family, a procurable assortment of friends in addition to a common vitality inside everything respects, forms out on a span to notice what on earth he tries inside the outside world, not knowing when, if at all, he will return. He is looking since something however isn`t certain what on earth just he seeks. Experiencing a end current vitality is simultaneously frightening, exciting in addition to strong since he ventures out, absolutely vulnerable, on a span that gets rid of him ended varying landscapes of vitality arid, vast, claustrophobic, open, abundant. He faces insecurity, derive pleasure escapade in addition to choice in addition to learns close to dissimilar philosophies. A trembling psyche has kicked off on a span into the anonymous towards light. Its own light.

The Bright Day (2012)
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