Tales from Beyond (2004)

Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Cast : Adam West as Jay (segment “The Bookstore”), Josh Austin as Victor Cisco (segment “Fighting Spirit”) / Cassius (segment “Nex`s Diner”) / News Anchorman (segment “Life Replay”) / Dream Man #3 (segment “Abernathy”), Nate Barlow as Joe Teufel (segment “Life Replay”) / Jimmy (segment “Fighting Spirit”) / Dream Man #2 (segment “Abernathy”) / Radio Voice #1 (segment “Nex`s Diner”), Eric Manning as Nick Sanders (segment “Nex`s Diner”) / Steve (segment “Life Replay”) / Freddy Flannigan (segment “Fighting Spirit”) / Dream Man #5 (segment “Abernathy”), Russell Scott as Evan Phillips (segment “Abernathy”) / Dominic Cisco (segment “Fighting Spirit”) / Sportscaster (segment “Life Replay”) / Radio Voice #2 (segment “Nex`s Diner”) Elisabeth Abbott as Carrie (segment “The Bookstore”), Debra Barlow as Travel Documentary Voice (segment “Life Replay”) (as Debra Boyle), Alfred Bejjani as Referee #1 (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Jeffrey Nicholas Brown as Rich (segment “The Bookstore”) (as Jeffrey N. Brown), Stephen Alan Brown as Nex (segment “Nex`s Diner”), Drevon Coolidge as Lefty Johnson (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Gino Dentie as Lou Shapiro (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Mack Dortch as Man With Afro (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Laura Uche Enem as Saida (segment “Nex`s Diner”), Crystal Fambrini as Terry Richardson (segment “Life Replay”), Melissa Frederick as Angela Cisco (segment “Fighting Spirit”) / Dream Woman (segment “Abernathy”), Darbi Gwynn as Ring Girl #2, Marlon Hoffman as Goldie (segment “Fighting Spirit”) / Evil Stranger (segment “Abernathy”), Terra Jole as Kathy (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Mick E. Jones as Diablo Douglas (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Torrance Jordan as Dave Williams (segment “Abernathy”)”), Svilena Kidess as Jennifer Phillips (segment “Abernathy”) / Kamilah of Aswan (segment “Nex`s Diner”), Claire Kirk as Sofia Cisco (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Michelle Kolb as Grace (segment “Nex`s Diner”), Jeff McDonald as Edmund, Smokie Miles as Man With Shades (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Dina Lynne Morishita as Marise (segment “Nex`s Diner”), Kenny Morse as Dr. Kulkin (segment “Abernathy”), William Morton as Bartender (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Vanessa Peterson as Lola (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Eden Putini as Ring Girl #1 (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Joe Leroy Reynolds as Ring Announcer (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Victor Salazar as Tornado (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Adam Sharabi as Boy (segment “Abernathy”), Josh Shenkle as Shapiro thug #1 (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Joy Somers as Vivica (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Andrey Sviridov as Goraidh (segment “Nex`s Diner”) / Shapiro Thug #2 (segment “Fighting Spirit”), Richard T. Whelan as Timekeeper (segment “Fighting Spirit”)
Run Time : 115 min
Filming Locations : Glendale, California, USA
Country : USA
Language : English
A small duo yearning since a reward roll up a weird bookshop where they are magically transported into the worlds of the books.
When a fashionable tender spouses reach one’s destination a quaint-looking antiquarian bookstall on the lookout for a souvenir given that their friend, they evaluate over they bargained for. A puzzling shopkeeper eliminates one another into the real world of his books, leading one another done four wonderful stories. What happens afterwards they may perhaps under no circumstances taste imagined!

Tales from Beyond (2004)
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