Strictly Sinatra (2001)

Director : Peter Capaldi
Genre : Drama, Romance
Cast : Ian Hart as Toni Cocozza, Kelly Macdonald as Irene, Brian Cox as Chisolm, Alun Armstrong as Bill, Tommy Flanagan as Michaelangelo, Iain Cuthbertson as Connolly, Una McLean as Dainty, Jimmy Chisholm as Kenny, Jimmy Yuill as Rod Edmunds, Richard E. Grant as Himself, Jimmy Tarbuck as Himself, Stewart Ennis as Doorman, Paul Doonan as Nicol, Anne Lacey as Coat check girl, Alex Howden as Kojak, Douglas Eadie as Hard man, Jami Ferreira as Drowned rat (as Jamie Murphy), Brian McDermott as Youth In Supermarker, Alex McAvoy as Aldo, Pauline Lockhart as Big T assistant, Billy McColl as John, the watchman, Iain Fraser as Joe, the bartender, Calum Beaton as Boy on stairs, Lisa Stuart as Casino Girl
Run Time : 97 min
Filming Locations : Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland, UK
Country : UK
Language : English
Small-time crooner judge himself on the attaining comprehensive of the harrowing attentions of a gangster, whose better half has fallen given that the singer`s Sinatra-like aura.
In Glasgow, Toni Cocozza, period 28, aspires to engagement a lounge singer; his repertoire is stringently Sinatra, came to someone’s rescue by Bill, an aging piano actor also his just friend. Toni dreams huge also enters a local small screen television skill show. About that time, a local Mob supervisor decides Toni is vast amusement also invites him to engagement his caller at a casino. Toni discussions wide awake Irene, a cigarette girl, he gets a curious occupation or two bask in Chisolm, the mobster`s amount two, the audition functions bust, also Toni`s in the air is uncertain. One mania leads to a new as well as the Mob. Is Toni at a crossroads, or is there essentially no revolving or surging back?