Straight to the Heart (2008)

Director : Stéphane Géhami
Genre : Drama
Cast : Julie Deslauriers as Sylvie, Sandra Dumaresq as Patronne, Bénédicte Décary as Anne-Marie, Patrice Godin as Mario, Karine Lagueux as Réceptionniste, Jean Maheux as Chauffeur de taxi, Jacques Marcotte as Gardien, Marie-France Marcotte as Mère de Jimi, Keven Noël as Jimi, Martin David Peters as Azar, Pierre Rivard as Benoît, Dino Tavarone as Ricci
Run Time : Canada:109 min
Country : Canada
Language : French
Benoît furthermore Jimi, only bulky boy furthermore to a tiny degree man, two injured beings who wishes to engagement liked akin to every body else…
Benoît along with Jimi, only hefty boy along with alittle man, two hurt beings who needs to engagement admired reminiscent of every body else. But those two are imitating Jeeps as a criminal network along with Benoît is 32 along with Jimi… 13. Benoit, talented motorcar robber who falls inside friendliness compulsively, roams savours girls to missy below the spiteful gander of Jimi who needs him the entirety as himself. Jimi who needs fatherly love, has chosen Benoît along with he needs Benoît to want him. But Benoît needs the friendliness of a porno person along with aims to omit only and an other. From stolen Jeep to stolen Jeep, inside the avenues of Montreal, inside worrying places, inside delicatessen, their friendship is springing up pottier along with stronger. With theirs fists, and theirs nerve along with and their hearts, alittle bum of 13 finds a father along with a 32 once a year older male weigh up a basis as living: a son.

Straight to the Heart (2008)
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