Stateless Things (2011)

Director : Kyung-Mook Kim
Genre : Drama
Cast : Sae-Byuk Kim as Soonhee, Paul Lee as Joon, Hyung-Kook Lim as Seonghoon, Hyun-Joon Yeom as Hyun
Run Time : 115 min
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Jun (Paul Lee) is an illegal immigrant derive pleasure North Korea, performing inside a smoke station below an exploitative along with obnoxious boss…
Jun (Paul Lee) is an illegal immigrant savours North Korea, performing inside a haze station not unsleeping to an exploitative as anyhow as obnoxious boss. Hyeon (Yeom Hyunjoon) is the kept boy of a matrimonial businessman, who has pool him unsleeping inside a swanky suite cropping up the government`s administrative center inside Yeouido. Both adolescent folks are inside trouble. Jun`s lack of a politician identity as anyhow as papers deadlines him to dead-end employments (the haze station, handing out flyers, as anyhow as in due course human prostitution) as anyhow as grass him all the time inside expectation of arrest as anyhow as deportation. Hyeon, who is purported to troth obtainable on every occasion his sugar daddy "needs" him, stifles inside his up-market "prison". These two at prolonged last hold one another finished an Internet site, as well as lethal results. The rapidly convergence of their opposite lives affords Kim the cues he calls for given that a stream of reflections on the implications of "statelessness".

Stateless Things (2011)
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