Sky Hook (2000)

Director : Ljubisa Samardzic
Genre : Drama, War
Cast : Nebojsa Glogovac as Kaja, Ana Sofrenovic as Tijana, Ivan Jevtovic as Turca, Katarina Zutic as Zozi, Nikola Kojo as Zuba, Sonja Kolacaric as Seka, Dragan Bjelogrlic as Toza, Irfan Mensur as Zuka, Nikola Djuricko as Siske, Nikola Pejakovic as Lokator, Boris Milivojevic as Bolid, Nebojsa Ilic as Deki Neda Arneric as Misina majka, Desa Biogradlija, Dejan Bodiroga, Goran Danicic as Taksista, Aleksandar Djordjevic, Milena Dravic as Danka, Vladimir Jevtovic, Gordan Kicic as Misa, Miodrag Kostic as, Dejan Lutkic as Ufonja, Natasa Markovic, Predrag Miletic, Ognjen Mirkovic as Jovan, Zeljko Obradovic, Miodrag Radovanovic as Komsija znalac, Zeljko Rebraca
Run Time : Germany:95 min (Berlin Film Festival)
Country : Federal Republic of Yugoslavia | Italy
Language : Serbian
The motion picture tells the yarn of assorted masses inside Serbia making to trot out the consequences of the war. Most of each other don`t have to be compelled to set out to the army (yet)…
The movie tells the account of assorted citizenry inside Serbia producing to handle the consequences of the war. Most of one another don`t need to set out to the army (yet), except need to live between ruins plus bombs drawing nearer virtually every day. Although the motto is surviving these days, they try out to live a existence because standard because potential to troth wakeful opposed to the revolting face expression of struggle – each lone on his own because it seems. One sunlight hours any person has the hints to fashion wakeful a basket because examining basketball. Although his hints is perceived because personality fool inside such times, shortly the entirety the teenagers plus the more established citizenry – parents plus others observing the stuffs taking place inside the conventions – in addition to a concurrent thoroughfare gang are personality concerned by the idea.