Silence of the Sea (2004)

Director : Vahid Mousaian
Genre : Drama
Cast : Masoud Rayegany as Siavash, Hossein Sheydaie
Run Time : Iran:82 min
Country : Iran
Language : Persian
Siavash disappeared Iran time ago illegally plus lives inside Sweden also his helpmate plus two children. Realizing he desires to go away be of facility to given that a visit…
Siavash vanished Iran existence ago illegally in addition to lives inside Sweden along furthermore his better half in addition to two children. Realizing he requests to set off cooperate with since a visit, he decides the top neighborhood to set off is a absolved port, which doesn`t have need of a visa. Being there he feels he is inside Iran, although it achieves not altogether suit his nostalgic longing, because his of age marital is on the mainland. On the island, Siavash comes in person along furthermore the hazard that awaits him if he wages marital in addition to he must set out whatever is certain eminent to him: his falling or his past.