Should I Really Do It? (2009)

Director : Ismail Necmi
Genre : Drama
Cast : Herold as HEROLD, Petra Woschniak as Petra
Run Time : 90 min | Turkey:86 min
Filming Locations : Berlin, Germany
Country : Turkey
Language : Turkish | German
The theories of factual living in addition to fiction, documentary in addition to drama, are searched inside this factual living aspect which follows the implausible living of Petra, a German mature woman existing inside Turkey.
This real-life aspect follows the tremendous continuation of Petra, a German man existing inside Istanbul, inside an mocking inversion of the frequent anecdote of Turkish migrants to Germany. During `sessions` also the mysterious, masked Herold, her continuation unfolds sooner than our eyes in addition to we will determine almost about everything: Istanbul, Germany, family, friends, treatments in addition to death. "Should I Really Do It?" plays also these theories of actual continuation in addition to fiction, documentary in addition to drama. Could continuation eternally engagement additional engaging than fiction?

Should I Really Do It? (2009)
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