Schwarzer Panther (2013)

Director : Samuel Perriard
Genre : Drama
Cast : Jonas Hien as Andreas, Ole Jacobs as Jakob, Lucy Wirth as Emilie
Run Time : 79 min
Country : Germany | Switzerland
Language : German
A picture concerning two siblings, Emilie along with Jakob, concerning their deep friendliness given that each other, and their own happiness. Two topics that do not all the time coincide.
After voluminous life apart, Emilie (26) meets her blood brother Jakob (22) again. She not solitary shares her misery concerning the passing away of their parents also him, other than additionally a secret… It is Emilie`s desire to structure the vending of their mutually inherited anniversary place of dwelling inside the Swiss Alps. Unlike her brother, a specialist skateboarder, she calls for the currency because a tender entrepreneur. The school business, which she conveyed more than also her boyfriend Andreas (29), is heavily indebted. Emilie consciously retains an exact way downstream toward her brother, evoking comfortably repressed her emotions toward him since voluminous years. But his advise plus unashamedly ahead of time conduct increasingly starts to undermine her still façade. The infinite plus pristine alpine scenery throws up the two an unaccustomed degree of freedom. The further Emilie suppresses reality, the further Jakob swears on a verdict concerning their common future. Emilie`s rationally-conducted relationship to Andreas plus her deep tenderness since Jakob unavoidably draw nearer into conflict. Can the two siblings in actuality live a care that must remain invisible?