Schottentor (2009)

Director : Caspar Pfaundler
Genre : Drama
Cast : Gerti Drassl, Claudia Kottal, Michael Masula, David Oberkogler, Gen Seto as Sushibarbesucher, Johannes Thanheiser, Markus Westphal, Natalya Baranova as Studentin am Fenster
Run Time : 123 min
Filming Locations : Vienna, Austria
Country : Austria
Language : German
The inner lives of six citizenry are explored. Each has a detail to the Viennese subway station Schottentor.
Very strong as in any case as particular smartening up of the inner lives of six people, who may well or may well not withstand some ways to each other. The lives, dreams as in any case as hopes of each of the six citizenry intersect on the cross-roads of our day: a subway station for the motive that public transport.

Schottentor (2009)
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